Resort Photography

Those of us who work in media are well aware that image is everything; this is also evident to your guests. All guests are looking for something different out of their resort stay and with all the choices for a fantastic resort stay how are they choosing?

Their first resort scan comes from the images that they see. This may come from previous guests or professional shoots. If the images from your resort or hotel aren’t good enough they will pass it by. They look at your amenities. They want to feel comfortable where they are going be it for vacation, business or simply an overnight stay.  Additionally social media and websites that allow for viewer reviews and comments affect how your resort ranks among potential guests.

Recognizing that your images are what initially attract potential guests to look into your space for their stay, what images do you need in your arsenal?

First and foremost overall appearance, these include a great exterior, lobby, and amenities like a pool, beach access, skiing, trails, eateries, meeting places, banquet halls or game rooms.

Details and lifestyle images of these areas should be expressed. Guests want to feel comfortable when they visit these and they each have an aspect that will make them feel comfortable. For some of them it is to see other people of similar shapes and sizes, some want only “beautiful people”. For others they want to see children because they have children and want to know that their kids are accepted. Others are very active and what to see images of active amenities like surfing, skiing or zip lining. Then there are the laid back folks who what to sit by the beach, pool or fireplace with a drink.  These images are the resorts sales pitch for quests and should be an accurate representation but beautiful and always show the resort in its best light.

Of course the resort needs to show living accommodations. Theses are not only different from resort to resort but within resorts themselves. Each space also has areas that should be showcased and others that may need to be down played. If spaces have a great bathroom or eat-in kitchen showcase these aspects. Then little details like plush bedding, cozy seating or spacious closets.

Why do these details need to be highlighted. Every guest has a  tipping point that is going to get them to book at your resort. It is this selling feature that will get them to spend a little more or simply get them to make the phone call so that you can close the deal.