Adding Value to Small Business

Our latest project is somewhat of a old idea, with a modern twist. We have partnered with a great developer out of Asia to create an online carry-out service for restaurants. The idea is nothing new and many companies are doing it, Open Table and GrubHub to name the ones I know and have used, but we have combined our marketing experience with a great platform to create a user friendly mobile service.

The twist is asking the restaurants: Why use one of these online distributions? Just like we learned in the travel sector, we must offer a competitive advantage to use our service. offers additional marketing support to enhance the restaurant’s online take-out, delivery and e-commerce sales. We spend valuable marketing dollars to attract customers from hotels and vacation rental companies to use this service and order online from our partners.

Our restaurant partners benefit by increasing sales when needed, improve staff interaction with the customers in their restaurant-what is more annoying than waiting for a bartender or hostess taking a to-go order, while you are waiting for a drink or to be seated?